7 Ms Busy is a professional technology company based on standard math and code almost all computing uses. Since all computing is based on a certain standard math, any deficiency in hardware or software can cause an enormous decrease of efficiency. Say you were working on an enormous project such as a skyscraper or processing an enormous amount of data. Bad hardware or incompatible software in any part of the supply chain, engineering, or management could(and mathematically definitely would) cause horrible repercussions; including but not limited to lack in efficiency, loss in profits, or insurmountable losses from technical problems.

Since our company compiled necessary standardized computer code necessary for all computing, we enjoy using the most mainstream modern Microsoft software powered by our code. Many “tech” startups are based completely on replicating the same software that Microsoft has already produced and should be prevalent for all businesses. Many companies and industries prefer or require software that isn’t ran from the cloud that is no longer available or supported by Microsoft. created and controls the code that powers many Microsoft Products and technology hardware which allows our company to sustain a business model based on older legacy(but still modern) Microsoft Products.

Although most technology applications have moved on to the cloud and mobile applications, the continued support and adoption of such products is limited. You may ask how we can prove our involvement in such mainstream software created by an enormous corporation such as Microsoft, when many cloud applications are just the marketing of unfinished and unsecure technology products. To see how ingrained in technology and Microsoft software 7MsBusy is, you can simply run the command “msconfig” from just about every Windows operating system. However, our business model and core competency is based on the expertise and implementation of mainstream Microsoft software that many businesses and organizations do not take the time to master. We put our technology to the test by using very specific computer hardware and software builds which should technically give our company a huge advantage over just about every other technology company.