7 Ms Busy is a technology company based on common standard computer code used for all computing. Our company uses exact mathematical standards that far surpass the requirements of Government, heavy industry, and major corporations. 7 Ms Busy labels itself as a boutique technology company. With the amount of software marketed to small and middle sized companies created by Microsoft and other companies, all companies of any size should logically use the same software. 7 Ms Busy is a boutique business oriented company that focuses on becoming expert and expanding its core competencies among prevalent software such as Microsoft Access, Sharepoint, and Groove.

As a boutique level company 7 Ms Busy has already invested in necessary legacy non-cloud perpetual software licenses which allows us to provide direct, efficient, streamline, and mathematical service to other technology companies. Paying and owning software as simple/obvious as it seems for a business, is part of our philosophy for the service we provide: streamline mathematical business aimed at working towards actual profitability. Our company has the ability to take on projects to build custom Microsoft Access forms and databases neccessary for just about every company. 7 Ms Busy’s founder Felix Cheung has a firm foundation in math and has published several scientific books available on Amazon.