7 Ms Busy’s main service is Reglux our technology management service designed for medium to large businesses, government, and heavy industry. Our company uses common computing standard code already prevalent in computing and technology to streamline your efficiency and workflow. Our small boutique tech company specializes in Microsoft Access programming projects, Microsoft Sharepoint hosting, and organization systems design.

  • Implement legacy Microsoft Access databases and forms.
  • Microsoft Sharepoint hosting for your business.
  • Increase your companies overall efficiency
  • Consulting and technical support for choosing/building your computer systems
  • Help design and manage your organization’s technology systems
  • Base your business from well known modern mainstream software
  • Technical Support for legacy Microsoft products.

Email to inquire for your company’s projects.

Technical Consulting

There are only two main technology companies that all businesses and institutions need to use Microsoft and Apple. Since all other businesses and technology are powered by Microsoft and/or Apple, learning and becoming expert in Microsoft products is invaluable for just about all businesses and industries. 7MsBusy was founded to help your company or organization implement and maintain necessary software necessary for all industries.