7MsBusy’s main service is GenOne our technology management service designed for medium to large businesses, government, and heavy industry. Our company uses the most mainstream Microsoft Software to streamline your efficiency and workflow. If Microsoft is one of the two main computing companies that all businesses and government agencies use, then shouldn’t every single business and organization in the world use the same exact software? Our small boutique tech company specializes in Microsoft Sharepoint Intranet design, Sharepoint hosting, general organization technology management, and Microsoft Access/Excel programing.

7MsBusy is entirely based on the Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 ecosystem. 7MsBusy is lucky to enjoy a still modern set of mainstream Microsoft Software that is used commonly in all workplaces. Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 is actually so advanced that many huge startups simply use catch phrases and terms borrowed from this software such as load balancing and clustering. Many powerful mainstream software and hardware can be attributed to 7MsBusy’s proprietary code not limited to Sharepoint 2007, Windows Server 2003, the Intel Pentium 4 Processor, and the processing for modern M.2 hard-drives. Our main service is named “GenOne” since we are helping your organization implement the first generation of actual working technology.

  • Implement Sharepoint Portal and Intranet for your organization.
  • Implement Microsoft Exchange Server for your organization.
  • Specific Intranet or form design for your organization.
  • Sharepoint Hosting from actual computers that exist.
  • Free access to any new plugins we develop
  • Sit down face-to-face planning for your organization’s specific needs
  • Specific programming projects to integrate your organization’s portal with Microsoft Office software (Excel, Access, Outlook, and more)
  • Technical Support for legacy(still modern) Microsoft products.

Email to inquire for your company’s projects.

Technical Consulting

7MsBusy was founded to help your company or organization implement and maintain necessary software necessary for all industries. Since all businesses and government organizations use Microsoft for their main business purposes, 7MsBusy is speeding up the process to get your organization up and running in the most streamline manner. Even if its just implementing a Microsoft Exchange Server for your organization, 7MsBusy will help you setup a streamline system quickly and effectively.